Startup MVP Development Company for hire in 2020–21

Read this article to find the best MVP development company worth hiring for your MVP startup.

Startup MVP Development Company

Bacancy Technology

Take a look at the technical expertise of the company;

Their Consultation To Build Minimum Viable Product


What is the MVP Development Process at Bacancy?

The company offers minimum viable product development solutions to validate your MVP and its viability to turn it into reality in the structure and standard process.

Figure-out the Problem

In the initial step of the MVP development process, they will put front your idea to discover the UI, UX, Tech Stack, etc. Their team will identify the solution brought by your idea and then structure it accordingly.

Project Scope

Once your MVP gets structured, the company will move to sign the contract and discuss the MVP project scope and cost. They will also sign NDA with you to ensure the confidentiality of your million-dollar idea.

Agile Project Kick-Off

After discussing the project scope, they will kick-start your MVP development to accelerate your path to a successful product. The company follows the Agile methodology, that will result in cost-effective and quality minimum viable product.


As mentioned above, they follow Agile methodology for MVP development, your mvp will be built in iterations. After each iteration, your product will be tested for the necessary improvements for the next iteration. In this stage, they will concentrate on your product’s minimal and basic features, like what your end-user will be looking for first things first.

Final Release & Closure

After testing and verifying your final MVP product, they will hand over the project to you. And the company will also assist in releasing your MVP app or website to major platforms.

Support & Maintenance

Even after your MVP launch, they will offer operational and functional support to facilitate quick adoption.

What makes Bacancy the best MVP Development Company?

  • 100% source code authorization
  • Complete control of the team and project
  • Cost-effective and flexibility in hiring model
  • Daily reports for monitoring team performance
  • Secure development area

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